Digital Passport for Kids

Thanks to support from Time Warner Cable, Common Sense Media is proud to offer its award-winning game, Digital Passport™ for free this summer on the iTunes app store. Played by over 300,000 kids in schools across the US, Digital Passport is now available on your personal device. The games and videos inside teach kids aged 7-11 the essentials for staying safe and responsible online and on mobile devices. On Digital Passport, kids will find their favorite kinds of games and activities like platform games, tools for creating digital mashups, and other fast-paced gobble ’em up games, all geared toward teaching them important lessons about digital life.

This app is not an ebook but I was so impressed with it I felt it deserved our attention.  A nifty support for teaching digital citizenship including search techniques (using Google), safe passwords, acknowledging the work of others and more I haven’t played with yet.  The app is FREE and well worth adding to your collection.  Definitely suitable for Years 7&8 in spite of the age suggestion.
digital passport


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